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Structural Preservation Systems (SPS)
Jetty Repair, Anyer, Indonesia
Concrete girders repair, grout injection,
rebar replacement, bearings replacement, external post-tensioning. 2006

Deplu Bridge, Jakarta, Indonesia
Jacking up the girders 1050mm higher. 2001

Wharf Repair, Batam, Indonesia
Replacement and repair of girders, slab and piers. 2005

Plaza Senayan, Jakarta
Strengthening the existing floor with external post-tensioning includes rebar scanning and concrete coring. 2007

Access to University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java, Indonesia
Strengthening the existing interchange bridge ramps  with  tie back ground anchors. 2002

FedEx Building, Jakarta, Indonesia
Driving the uplift piles in the existing basement. 2002

Balong Gandu, Pantura, Indonesia
Steel bridge strengthening with external P/T. 2005

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