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Generally, structural bearings are required to connect different parts of a given structure, such as a bridge deck to piers and abutments. The most widely used structural bearings are reinforced elastomeric bearings and pot bearings. These components are capable of transmitting forces while absorbing the structures deformations and rotations.

The strength of reinforced elastomeric bearings is limited by the shear properties of the elastomeric block, especially when compression, shear and bending occur at the same time. Pot bearings maximise the shear strength of the bearings elastomer by encasing it in a steel cylinder. Elastomeric and Pot bearings can be fixed, guided or free depending on design requirements.

Pot Bearing installation, Penang, Malaysia

All structural bearings and joints are subject to strict performance testing and quality control.
VSL services include design, testing, supply and installation.

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