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Precast segmental balanced cantilever erection with overhead launching gantry
Pasupati Project, Bandung, Indonesia

Method drawing for precast segmental erection with launching gantry and temporary supports equipped with adjustment device for pier segment and one downstream segment alignment. Pasupati Project, Bandung, Indonesia

Throughout the world, VSL's record of experience in bridge construction includes literally hundreds of different types of bridges: balanced cantilever, cable-stayed, suspension bridge, incremental launching, box jacking, precast segmental and cast in situ.

These works are carried out in accordance with strict procedures incorporate systematic quality assurance. In many cases, our expert team will also undertake the project management.

Cast in situ balanced cantilever bridge with form traveler
Muba Bridge, Indonesia

VSL is committed to offering clients a "best for project" service. Arrangements between main contractor and VSL as subcontractor for bridge deck construction or even between owner, consultant, main contractor and VSL have proven to be highly successful and mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Bridges are built not by individuals but by a team of various parties. Main objective of such a team shall be to get the best solutions for the final product with financial rewards for team members linked to successful delivery of the entire work.

Precast segment (150t) lifting with overhead launching gantry. Segment feeding by lowbed trailer. Pasupati Project, Bandung, Indonesia

Precast girder lifting with overhead launching gantry.
Toll road project, Jakarta, Indonesia

Our service for bridge erection includes methods statement, construction stages analysis reports, shop drawings, alignment control, equipment supply and operation.

Precast segmental full-span erection with underslung launching gantry, Barelang, Indonesia
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Precasting mould

Inner form

Segments stockyard
Casting Yard, Barelang Project, Indonesia

We have capabilities and experiences in design, supply and operation of launching gantry, form traveler, lifting frame, incremental launching equipment and casting yard for construction of many kinds of bridges.

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