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        Ground Anchor Detail
        Talavera Project, Indonesia

   Ground Anchor Bracket
   Talavera Project, Indonesia
The use of prestressed soil and rock anchors today provides an economical and suitable means for securing slopes or rock faces where the stability is not guaranteed. The actual amount of material used is only quite small but it enables the equilibrium to be re-established or maintained in accordance with simple basic rules and to the desired safety criteria.

Anchors may be constructed in virtually any type of ground to provide large concentrated forces in precise locations to carry any combination of applied load.

Temporary ground anchor, Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

The concept of prestressing revolutionized soil mechanics since 1957 when VSL soil and rock anchors were introduced in Switzerland. VSL organizations have been instrumental not only in developing this special technique of prestressing but also in enhanching the understanding and knowledge of beavior of this construction method, as well as in setting the national and international standards on its use. With their superior ability to supply solutions to stability problems, VSL soil and rock anchors are used extensively for securing slopes, excavations, and caverns; preventing uplift; anchoring retaining walls, raising and strengthening dams.

Permanent ground anchor, Cirata hydro electric power project, Indonesia

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