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Lifting of concrete water tank
Karawang, Indonesia

Heavy lifting of 130ton generator
Banjarmasin, Indonesia

For economic or technical reasons, today’s civil engineering structures and industrial plants are often assembled from large, heavy, prefabricated components. VSL Heavy Lifting will often provide the most effective solution for lifting, horizontal jacking, or lowering operations .
Both the equipment and its controls have been improved and new fields of application opened up for this technique. VSL's Heavy Lifting system has contributed to enhancing quality, compressing construction schedules and saving costs. VSL continues to stand for innovative engineering, high safety standards and reliable performance.

VSL heavy-lifting jack

Our range of equipment includes a large number of different hydraulic jacks. VSL can also design and supply custom-built hydraulic systems for special applications.

To execute the complex tasks involved in heavy lifting requires specialized skills and experience, and special equipment. VSL has done the job. Let VSL handle your job

Segment lifting at stockyard, Bandung, Indonesia

VSL Heavy Lifting are applicable for  generators placing, roof frame lifting, precast bridge erection, segments handling at stockyard, water tank lifting, building floor erection and similar works.

Steel roof lifting, Garuda hangar, Cengkareng, Indonesia

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