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Launching noses crossing over traffic 
Sudirman flyover, Jakarta, Indonesia

Tubun flyover ILM project, Jakarta
The incremental launching method is one of the highly mechanised erection methods used in bridge construction. The method consists of manufacturing the superstructure of a bridge by sections in a prefabrication area behind one of the abutments; each new unit is concreted directly against the preceding one and after it has hardened the resultant structure is moved forward by the length of one unit.

Incremental Launching Method scheme

During the construction stage the superstructure is centrally prestressed, to limit the tensile stresses produced by the bending moments. The skilful use of prestressing is the most important of this construction sequence.

Sudirman Flyover, Jakarta, Indonesia

Sudirman Flyover, Jakarta, Indonesia
VSL Scope of Work: Design and construction of superstructure including the preparation of casting yard, placing the reinforcement, casting the segments, supply pot bearing, post-tensioning, design and supply of launching nose and launching 2 nos of parallel cell box girders with skew angle of 30 degrees. The flyover has a total length of 165m with main span of 37m. Record in 2000 as the first bridge launched incrementally in Indonesia

Tubun Flyover, Jakarta, Indonesia
Incremental launching type of construction which having total length 255m and composed of 40, 55, 65, 55 and 40m span.
VSL scope of work: Design of casting yard, supply and install of post-tensioning, design and operate the launching system and supply pot bearing.
Registerd by MURI (Indonesian Records Museum) in 2000 as the largest main span bridge launched incrementally in Indonesia

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