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Panel system

VSoL  cross section

Keystone system

The VSoL® retained earth system has proved its merit throughout the world as a practical and cost effective construction technique for a wide variety of retaining wall applications. This area of activity is showing significant growth within VSL.

This technically validated and highly reliable system uses precast concrete panels and galvanized steel mesh or polymeric strips to reinforce the soil mass. Its use of crossbars to stabilize the soil bearing, provides all panels with resistance for greater than that offered by competing frictional systems and is particularly applicable in seismic areas.

VSoL application, Australia

This components produce a stable, unified block, widely used for the construction of highway bridge abutments, approach walls, material storage facilities and other grade separation structures.

Available using steel mesh reinforcement as the VSoL® Steel system or with coated polyester straps as the VSoL® Polymeric system, this VSL technique uses a variety of panels shapes, sizes and finishes which connect to the soil reinforcement using simple, reliable connection details. When combined with compacted backfill these components form a reinforced internally stable soil mass suitable for approach ramps, bridge abutments and general retaining wall construction.

Panel precasting, Semplak Project, Indonesia

In addition to being a highly cost effective solution, in many markets VSoL® walls have an attractive appearance as well as providing a highly cost-effective solution. Walls that incorporate a number of different patterns are becoming increasingly common in some markets and VSoL® walls are being chosen as a reliable way to create a high quality pre-cast finish. Panels are available in many colours, textures and patterns to suit the architects' and engineers' aesthetic requirements.

Keystone application in bridge abutment, Indonesia

In addition to panel faced VSoL® walls, through its tie up with Keystone Retaining Walls Systems, USA, VSL is also offering segmental block faced wall solutions for retained earth walls in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. By combining the benefits of a dry cast concrete block facing, with steel mesh or geogrid reinforcement, Keystone extends the range of cost effective retaining walls.VSL has the in-house capability to manufacture the Keystone blocks on site if required.

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