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Jetty repair, Anyer, Indonesia

Safety inspection, jetty repair
Anyer, Indonesia

Having analysis the damage diagnostic report and established procedured to be used for repairs, VSL teams can then undertake the required remedial works.

This includes injecting cracks with epoxy resin, jacketing repairs, concrete replacement, repairs to fire-damaged structures, waterproofing repairs, shotcreting, pressure grouting, strengthening with internal and external post-tensioning, glued and/ or bolted steel and FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) plate, anticarbonation treatment, concrete surface repair, replacement of: bearing, expansion joint, girder, deck and pierhead, tower re-align and bridge jacking up.

Underwater pile investigation, wharf repair project
Paiton, East Java, Indonesia

   Rebar scanning in external PT work,
   Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

Repair and strengthening works are applicable in building, bridge, jetty, wharf, tunnel, mining, industry building, silo and similar structures.

All these repair works are carried out in accordance with strict procedures incorporate systematic quality assurance. In many cases, our expert team will also undertake the project management of rehabilitation works.

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