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 VSL Stay Cables installation

Single strand installation

Cable-stayed bridges are more and more gaining in favour firstly because they make possible the building of fairly large spans in an economical manner and secondly on account of the way in which they harmonize with the environment and the impression they create.

The economics of these bridges has in recent years improved appreciably due to the technical advances which have been achieved, especially in cable-stayed bridges of concrete. Road and rail bridges and also footbridges can be constructed as cable-stayed bridges. In many cases the bridge deck ie of concrete, while in other cases, especially where the spans are very great It Is of steel. Composite girders ere also built.

Siak Cable-stayed Bridge, Indonesia

An important element of a cable-stayed bridge represented by the stay cables themselves that can be constructed in various ways. The success of cable-stayed bridges is, however, to no smell measure due to the use of high-strength steels for the stays, especially in the form of strands which offer particular advantages.

Some bridges already constructed or at present under construction with VSL Stay Cables.

Batam-Tonton Bridge with 350m main span, Indonesia

Stressbar connections at pylon
Yarra Boulevard Bridge
Melbourne, Australia
Our Single Strand Installation System is renowned for its high degree of corrosion resistance, its ease of installation (strand-by-strand), but most importantly, each strand can be individually stressed, inspected and replaced.

VSL Stay Cable System SSI 2000

Our service in stay cables projects include
detailed design of cable-stayed structures, construction engineering assistance, manufacturing and testing of systems, installation and on-site supervision.

Stressbar Stay Cables
VSL stressbars are particularly suited to small or lightly loaded stay cable bridges. They can be provided with a simple but effective corrosion protection system using an inorganic zinc silicate primer system together with a polyurethane final coat.

Typically stressbar stays will require couplers as the bars are manufactured in lengths up to a maximum of 12 metres. The coupler has tapered ends and in place blends with the remainder of the stay. The coupler can also be supplied as a turnbuckle, in order to tighten the bars. In this configuration the bars are manufactured with a left and right hand thread.

Stressbar stay cables, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

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