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VSL Indonesia is a specialist on providing engineering and construction since 1976. It is a joint venture between the world renowned VSL International Ltd. and PT. Capitol-Mutual Corporation (now PT. Central Mitrausaha Cerlang).
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VSL Construction System
VSL capability, International projects with photos, products and services technical data: post-tensioning, stay cable, bridge erection, building, heavy lifting, retained earth, slab on garde, etc.
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VSL Bridge Construction Partner

VSL has contributed to some of the most prestigious and complex bridge structures around the world, ranging from large span stay cable bridges to conventional precast beam bridges.
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Heavy Lifting

The planning of a heavy lifting operation shoul start as early as possible. Early involement of VSL specialists results ia a handling scheme that optimises the project's economy, efficiency, schedule and safety.  
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Stay Cables

Because of their structural and economic advantages, more cabled-stayed structures such as foot bridges, bridges and suspended roofs have been built over the last 30 years. Achieveable spans dimensions have also cosiderably increased.
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Ground Engineering

From design to construction we provide services for; Soil investigation, directional drilling, diaphragm walls, retained earth, ground anchors, vibrocompaction & stone column, ground freezing etc.  
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Troughout the world, VSoL® - VSL's Retained Earth wall system - has proved it's performance as a cost effective construction technique in a variety of retaining walls applications.
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Repair and Strengthening

Rehabilitation, Strengthening and Protection of concrete structures require through investigations, clearly defined procedures, expert execution and systematic quality control.  
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The Friction Damper

Presently the installation of dampers to the cable on the bridge deck are the most common countermeasure to increase the structural damping of cable, and thus to mitigate the vibration.
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VSL Thread Bar Systems

The bar systems are available for; Reinforcing, Post-tensioning, Geotechnical, Micropiles, Mining & Tunneling, Marine ties, Formwork ties. More on www.vslbar.com  
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Pasupati Bridge
Precast segmental balanced cantilever bridge, erection with overhead launching gantry, Bandung, Indonesia.

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Hangar Garuda

Heavy lifting of steel truss roof, Garuda aircraft maintenance facility, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Batam-Tonton Bridge
Cable-stayed bridge, construction of pylons with climbform, deck with form traveler, post-tensioning and stay installation, Batam island,  Indonesia.

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Sudirman Flyover
Incremental launching of box girder over eixsting traffic, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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