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Wisma Dharmala, Jakarta.
Prestressed concrete beams at the top floor distribute the internal forces to unique arranged columns

ACE IBCC, Bandung
Bonded Prestressed slab with steel deck. 2005

Keystone, Pasupati Bridge, Bandung. 
To speed up the road relocation work, Keystone applied to confine the 12m high of road body beside the bridge ramp. 2004

FedEx office, Jakarta, Indonesia
Mini piles are driven from already constructed basement floor, then prestressed to restraint the uplift force due to water level. 2002

Bayer Jetty, Indonesia.
Replacement of bearing, grout injection, spalling concrete repair, external post-tensioning. 2006

Deplu Bridge, Jakarta
Jack up multi-girder bridge higher 1050mm to allow river flood level. 2001

Parijs Van Java, Bandung.
Large area (3000m2 per floor, 9500m2 total) prestressed concrete slab with steel deck. 2005

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