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Gedung Perum Taspen, Jakarta
Post-tensioned floors.

This building is supported entirely on external columns, with no internal column in the structure. The grid system enables Gedung Perum Taspen to have column-free floors of 22.80 m x 30.00 meters. This type of structure is, of course, attractive to clients and architects on account of the flexibility in arranging the partioning of the floors. 1980

Gedung Setneg/DPA Jakarta
Post-tensioned structure

BNI 46, Jakarta
Post-tensioned beams

Universitas Indonesia 
Function room, Depok, Indonesia.

Post-tensioned structure

Kemayoran Apartment, Jakarta Post-tensioned structure

THR Mall, Surabaya
Post-tensioned structure

Panghegar Hotel, Bandung
Post-tensioned beams

Perumnas Pluit Jakarta
Lift-slab system Post-tensioned slabs

For the lift-slab construction method, the columns are erected before the slabs are cast. After the tendons have been stressed, the slabs are lifted into position by jacks, placed at the top of the columns. The columns and slabs are connected by steel wedges

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