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Post-tensioning Ground Anchors Retained Earth

Heavy Lifting Climbform & Slipform Stay Cables

Incremental Launching Bearings & Joints Design & Engineering

VSL Indonesia services and products are available to building and civil engineering contractors, project owners, consulting engineers, architects, and also to educational institutions and professional associations

Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best quality services & products to our clients, with top quality construction techniques, backed by our experience and well-trained specialists in design, methods and job site construction.

As engineering specialist, we usually involve in construction projects from conceptual design, detail design, tender preparation of methods and pricing. As subcontractor, our scope of work includes engineering, material supply and installation, equipment mobilization, installation and operation.

Generally, our scope of work (partially or totally) in building and bridge projects are marked with light blue background in the following schemes.
It's similar for another types of structure.

Scope of work in building construction

Note: MC=Main Contractor

Scope of work in bridge construction

Services & Products
Ground Anchors
Retained Earth
Repair & Strengthening
Heavy Lifting
Climbform & Slipform
Stay Cables
Bridge Erection
Incremental Launching
Bearing & Joints
Design & Engineering

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